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Five things that inspire me to travel
Five things that inspire me to travel

The desire to travel seems to be a universal one. Whether it is a family day trip to a local seaside resort, or a year long backpacking trip taking in every continent of the world, we all have a desire to get out of our everyday environment and experience other places and people when the daily grind gets too much. We all also have our own, often very personal, reasons for wanting to travel. These are my top five:

1) Seeing different environments I live in an urban area, surrounded by pavements, shops and buildings. I walk along the same streets every day, seeing the same things. The world is made up of a rich tapestry of landscapesand environments, and I love to experience as many of these as I can, from tropical beaches to snow-covered mountains.

2) Language learning The language we speak is part of our culture, and helps define us as people and determines the way we see the world. Learning another language gives you a window into another culture. For example, travelling to study French in France at a French language school allowed me to feel part of French society in a way I could never have with no language knowledge.

3) Understanding other people Gaining an appreciation of how other people do things is fascinating in its own right, and can have lessons for life back home. Travel through Laos, a very rural and undeveloped country, helped me appreciate more than just material things.

4) Appreciating culture It's fascinating to see first-hand how each society has developed, to see what past societies have valued, and what they have left behind. Whether it's Rome's Coliseum or Australian Aboriginal cave paintings, there's always a story to be uncovered.

5) Freedom Travelling provides a sense of freedom by its very nature. Every traveller becomes an outsider, and so they no longer have to worry about the restrictions of their own society.

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