Theophania (Jan 6th) - Blesing of the waters at Kyllini Port.

February - March:
- Carnival festivities throughout the Shire, culminating at Kastro
- Clean Monday (Kathari Deftera): the first day of fasting for Lent
- "Koulouma" at Kyllini and Loutra Kyllinis.
- Celebrations, lambs roasted on a spit for all, organized by the local Arts Council
at the square of Neochori.
- Garden, balcony and verandas floral competition.
- School festivities include music, theatre and environment

Nautical week, held biannually in the port of Kyllini.
- The custom of Klidona in Kato Panaya the 24th
Festval of Ancient Ilida, group performances at Chlemoutsi castle in July and August.
- Village festival on the 5th in Neochori or St. Athanassios.
- Festval of Ancient Ilida,
- Full moon concerts at Chlemoutsi,
- Village festival at Kastro and Kato Panaya on the 15th for the Sleeping Virgin,
- Village festival at Kyllini on the 24th for St. Dionysios

- Religious Feast with traditional customs (folk music, roasted pigs on the spit for everybody)
at Vlacherna (Kato Panaya) on the 7th & 8th, celebration of the Sleeping Virgin's Birthday.


- the 1st windmill celebration at Kyllini's Port.

Telephone area code 2623
Kyllini's Town Hall 92240, 92660-2
Municipal department of Kastro 95221
Municipal department of Kato Panaya 92427
Municipal department of Kyllini 92240
Municipal department of Ieochori 94282
Tourism Office (July - August) 95472
Kyllini's Police Station 92202
Kyllini's Port Office 92211, 92000
Kyllini's Port Cashier 92339
Kyllini's Boats booking office for Zakynthos 92385
Kyllini's Boats booking office for Cefallonia 92337
Railway ticket office & station of Athens (for Lehena) 01 - 5131601
Railway station in Lehena 22391
Bus ticket Office & Station of Athens (for Lehena) 01 - 5134110/2
Bus ticket Office & Station of Athens (for Zakynthos) 01 - 5129432
Bus Station in Lehena 22219
thermal Springs (SPA) Loutra Kyllinis 96264, 96474
Taxi at Kyllini 92403, 92475
Taxi at Kato Panaya 92474
Taxi at Kastro 95215
Taxi at Neohori 94274