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Κυλλήνη διακοπές, πληροφορίες τουρισμού, διαμονή, Κυλλήνη ξενοδοχεία.
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Welcome.. you are virtually present in one of the most beautiful corners
of the Peloponnese and Greece in Kastro Kyllini village.

Kyllini located 70 km southwest of Patras and it is gifted with beautiful organized beaches on the Ionian Sea, with monuments and antiquities which denote the rich historic past. The land is rich with plenty of water and produces delicious vegetables and fruit, the hills are covered with blessed olive trees and lemon trees. Most of the beaches are lined by a pine tree forest which ends at the very long beach.

- Places of interest -

Chlemoutsi:  (Clermont, Castel Tornese) is built at the top of a hill with an unlimited of the Elia valley and the Ionian Sea. It was built during the years 1220-1223 by prince Geoffrey I Villehardouin and was he strongest castle in the Venetian Principality of Achaia. After the decline of Venetian rule the castle slowly lost its importance but was continuously used having passed through the hands of the Greeks, the Venetians and the Turks before the Greek Revolution. Small and unimportant modifications were performed under Turkish rule. And so Chlemoutsi maintained its initial Venetian character almost intact and today is an excellent example of Venetian fortification techniques in the Peloponnese.

Loutra Kyllini: The Kyllini Springs are 3 km from the Kyllini Castle and getting there we cross the forest interrupted by large pieces of cultivated land. As we get closer to Loutra Kyllinis, the forest gets denser until it reaches the beach. The sand dunes there are densely covered by armyrikia trees, cedars and lilies. The Kyllini Springs have been famous from the ancient times because the natural springs water, the vapors and the mud are said to assist arthritis, asthma and skin problems. Because of the area distinctiveness, one can perfectly combine healing with sea activities.

Kyllini Golden Beach:  coastlines boast kilometres of fine white sand blend with clear, azure waters.

Monastery of Vlacherena is located in southeast of Kato Panagia. It was built roughly in the12th century.

Island of Kaukalida is the only unhabited settlement. The island is rocky and has Kyllini's lighthouse. The lighthouse is about 20 to 30 m tall. It is accessed by a tiny port holding one or two boats and is not used for cars from the port of Kyllini. It is only accessed by a pathway. The northern half of the island are made up of rocks. The island about 100,000 years ago was connected with the mainland.

Finally , for shopping you will surely enjoy a visit to the Art Museum Nicolas where you can find and buy various local products, such as olive oil, ouzo, pottery etc.
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